Nonionic Surfacants

We are one of the leading companies in the world producing high quality surfactants. We have outstanding performance in terms of optimum quality, competitive prices, production capacity and consistency, all of which we have experienced and hence achieved success. Expertise in Planning the Solutions related to achieving desired quality, sampling and Business Development.
Our R&D efforts are spearheaded by a marketing and customer driven approach that gives you a clear perception of end consumer needs and allows us to develop a broad spectrum of tailor made solutions together.

Aim of the Company

To produce & trade quality products in the field of Surfactants.
To modernize Export market in Surfactants.
To make tailor-made products to suit individual customer requirements.
To maintain harmony of nature by creating Effluent treatment facilities.
To create good & healthy atmosphere at workplace.
To generate profit by following good business practice.

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